BCS4 / BC3250 Purga de superficie

The BCS4 blowdown system works by periodically
opening the blowdown valve in order to purge the
pipework and set up a flow of boiler water past the
sensor. To avoid wasteful blowdown, especially whilst
a boiler is on stand-by or low load, the system can be
wired to purge every half hour of boiler firing. The
controller measures the electrical conductivity of the
boiler water which is closely related to the level of total
dissolved solids (TDS). This measured value is
compared with the set point in the controller. If it is
lower than the set point the blowdown valve closes at
the end of the purge time and remains closed. If the
measured value is higher than the set point the
controller continues to blow down until the measured
value drops below the set point.
The controllers give indication of the blowdown status,
and have a manual purge facility.
The system is easy to calibrate and commission and
the set point can be quickly adjusted